Iyith (eye-ith) stands as a world divided: one portion where the stalwart and pious rule with conviction, shepherding the small folk through lives of quiet contentment, and another, darker and more insidious full of malicious magics and fading hero-gods, veiled in legend and misguided faith.

This division can be traced to The Sundering, often called The Crack by the everyman. Lands shuddered and shifted, mountains split and crashed to boiling seas, radical changes rippled across the continents. As goes the land, so goes its guardians: rulerships faltered and old alliances reformed anew. Power was stripped from the caster class, as is righteous and prudent. Only those guided by Divine wisdom can still be trusted in a world slowly draining of the tainted power of mages. These creatures likely brought The Sundering upon us a century ago, aided by the cursed Chronicler race (whose lands, held conveniently aloft above Valwall, escaped damage.)

Adventures in Iyith

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