Halfling Barbarian, 22, Chaotic Neutral


Barbarian Stout Halfling, Neutral Neutral

Strength: 18 — +4
Dex(tota;): 15 — +2
Con(total): 16 — +3
Int: 6 — -2
Wis: 11 — 0

Max HP: 15

Strength, Con
Perception, Athletics, Intimidation, Survival


As the churches and government began to turn again magic users, so did the people. Fearing violence for what they know, some magic users chose to flee deep into the wildness.
Corrin had neither the gifts nor the interest to learn his secluded parents’ abilities. Rather than worry with the spellbooks or components, the boy would slip outside to wrestle the local bears and run with(or, inevitably, far behind) the deer. When his parents passed away from nature-induced causes while he was still young, he had no desire to pick up their wands and magical instruments.

One thing Corrin knew was that he would not going to live out his life like a coward with only the trees for companions as his late parents did. As civilization crept further into his woods, Corrin decided it was time to come out from the wildlands swinging. He will carve himself a place in the world, whatever it takes. He’s still not particularly sure how to go about this, but he figures odd jobs and acquiring battle glory are as good starting steps as any.

Not that his sudden introduction to civilization is going well. Corrin has little understanding of material wealth; a freshly skinned dear is worth infinitely more than some shiny coins, and if he came across one, Corrin would be quick to pay a diamond for a night at the inn. Social etiquette is tiring and foreign to him, but he is willing to work with or for anyone who looks strong enough to deserve respect, or who is willing to pay him in meat/weapons.

He’s also deeply distrustful of the religious. He remembers his parents hatred for the church, and talk of gods unsettle him on a primal level: you can’t punch what you can’t see.


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