Davynn, from Whitfeld

Human (Dex) Fighter, 17, Neutral Good


A pure heart, a big ambition, and a dangerous secret

Davynn has a young face and a natural charm about him – an air of innocence that tends to attract both the right and wrong kind of attention. Despite some rash tendencies and a fear of all things arcane, he’s got a kind disposition and an infectious smile. Still, he’s got a lot to learn about how the world works. Maybe things will turn out okay for the kid. Probably not. We’ll see.


Davynn’s father left before he was born. Growing up, his mother told him stories of how he was a great adventuring hero who travelled the world defending the innocent. She claims, this is why he couldn’t stay with his child. However, he left Davynn three things: a sword, a shield, and a secret.

His mother raised him with the help of the local church of Ryldis, where he learned even more stories of great heroes of old. He resolved at a young age that one day, he’d be a hero too. As he comes of age at 17 years old, he finally gets his chance. With some basic combat training, his father’s weapons, and a bow used to hunt game for the church, Davynn sets out into the world with boundless enthusiasm and high ambition.

Davynn, from Whitfeld

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