Xylund Shrillsteel

Human Paladin of Grennan, 22, Lawful Neutral


An ex-soldier who joined the military as a teenager, Xylund was exposed to more savagery than he could handle at such a young age and now strives to master the chaos within himself by imposing order on the world outside. His preferred weapons for that task are fear and intimidation, especially when the hip flask he constantly carries is running low. A strong believer in the maxim that fire must be fought with fire – and terror with terror – he charges into battle with a bone-chilling shriek, laughter in his heart, and an X drawn in charcoal across his face. However, in contrast to this, he can be quite persuasive and charming when sufficiently lubricated, and his obvious woundedness elicits a protective instinct in some folks, which he tends to shrug off. Learned dragonchess from a sergeant in his unit (who was later killed in battle) and developed a taste for games of skill and strategy, although he eschews games of pure luck, such as dice. Prefers not to touch people with his bare skin because of the possibility of “contagions.”


Xylund Shrillsteel

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