Adventures in Iyith

They've Taken the Priestess to Isengard!

Episode 6

After the battle of the Kobold Casbah (that the Shareef didn’t like) the party takes a well-earned victory rest.  Team “others” wake up in a fit claiming to have been attacked by dragons.  After calming them down and several chips out of a Kobold Fresco.  The party takes New Kobold friend, not to be confused with Kobold friend (may his soul fly on wings of wyverns to the great breath weapon in the sky followed by a sweet choir of barking badgers), and Gnoll friend to the entrance of the cave to go look for Priestess Bowyn. 


With sad and mournful goodbyes to new Kobold friend the party turns their attention to Gnoll friend to ask where Bowyn is being kept.  After being less than helpful, Gnoll friend is rendered inert.  Annie takes it upon itself (still could go either way on this) to transform into a dire wolf and track the scent of the Gnoll back to their camp.  The party sets off on an epic over world chase much like Aragorn, Gimili and Legolas did in the Two Towers.  Gnoll friend wakes up during this but is quickly shown the errors of his ways and decides not to interfere with the party anymore (partly due to being knocked unconscious).  Our heroes stumble upon the remnants of a Gnoll camp on the outskirts of the treaty woods.  After discussing if they should rest, everyone decides to press onward to try and save Bowyn ASAP.  Needing rest, Kern and Davynn tie themselves to Annie in attempts to get some sleep and get in some quality cuddle time.


In the treaty woods Gnoll friend wakes up and strikes a bargain with the party.  He leads them to a “hairy vegetable” in return for his freedom.  This hairy vegetable turns out to be a random pub in the middle of the woods name the fuzzy onion (I think that’s the name, I don’t have my notes on me.  I’m writing this at work because I’m waiting on someone to get back to me and I have absolutely no idea when that will happen.  It could be in 5 min or it could be in 5 hours, who knows might as well do something productive with my time.)  On the cusp of suffering alcohol withdraw symptoms, Xylund fearlessly leads the charge into the pub.  Annie goes out into the woods to try and find other druids but is unsuccessful and instead leaves the following message in a tree “124 M/F Elf druid LF M/F companionship.  Please do not contact me with unsolicited offers or proposals.”


Once drinks are had at the bar Davynn starts asking around for a guide to lead them to the Gnoll tribe that shoots lightning.  The bar keep points them over to a group of Elves (capital E very important) who appear to know the woods very well.  After haggling for the price of their guidance the Elves agree to show them to the Gnoll tribe.  Another round is had and tattoos in various places are shown off.  Both Davynn and Corrin lose about a gallon of blood between the two of them due to the nose bleeds they get from seeing the female Elf show of some of her tattoos.  Kern also begrudgingly shows off a tattoo of dubious origins that he has and is reluctant to talk about it.


The party with their guides set off to go find Bowyn in the woods.  However, they run into another group of Elves that appear to be injured and are forced to make camp at the elvish campsite that night at the request of scary Elvish general lady.  The lead guide is extremely excited for the party to come back to camp with her and promises that they will find Bowyn the next day (or their money back!).  Once at the Elvin camp some sort of party with good wine and dank kush happens that Kern doesn’t really remember.  At some point the party decides to get tattoos on the behest of their Elvish guide.  Kern ends up being a lame-o and is the only one who doesn't acquiesce, but the rest of the party get tatted up by the local tattoo artist.  With that the party goes to sleep for the night to the sounds of the festival still raging.


Oh, also the party is dragging along an unconscious dwarf that they don’t know what to do with.



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