Hellica Gilven

Lunar Tide's resident pirate


Tall, dark, and relatively silent. (Although most seem silent next to Shark Marston.) Her race is a subject of discussion, and often wagers, among the rest of the Tide. She seems too broadly built to be an elf, but her face is too angular for a simple human. Her dark grey skin suggests an underdark race, but those glinting silver eyes are clearly otherworldly. No one has yet been brave enough to ask directly, even if they thought an answer would be forthcoming.

Hellica still wears the scarlet and white captain’s coat and gold-trimmed tricorne of her sea-faring days. She retains her marks of valour and office, and uses her monocle to great effect. Her iconic glass pipe is constantly lit, and whatever foul mix of tobacco she uses is something unlike anything else in Lorholt.


Hellica doesn’t talk much about her past-or about anything at all, really. Small dark chuckles and the occasional rasped one word answer is the best one can expect. She prefers to communicate through messengers and dead drops, if she finds you worth her time.

As Shark Marston’s second, she is rather busy managing the finer points of the Tide. The other members recognize her tactical prowess, and under all the steely stares and inscrutable facial expressions, a deep sense of compassion for the citizens of Lorholt. No “civiilian” casualties are acceptable under Hellica’s watch, and anyone with too free a hand with the armaments may find themselves separated from it. The Tide’s participation in the slave trade is a constant point of contention between Hellica and Marston, who considers no income generation method taboo.

Even with these small disagreements, the pair have greatly expanded the Tide’s wealth and influence, due in part to Hellica and her penchant for precise planning.

Hellica Gilven

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