Adventures in Iyith

Lorholt adventures, part2, the reckoning, reloaded: Cult of the grappling gun

Episode 9

With our heroes finishing a productive meeting with Shark Bait Oh Ah Ha they set out on their quest to find a locked box. Even though they totally knew where they were going and how to get there, they still had some hurdles to get over.  Getting proper equipment was relatively easy thanks to the suave and smexy Ulric who procured for them all the supplies that a good burglar would need.  Once everything was purchased the group realized that they were lacking something vital.  No, they weren’t lacking a decent plan.  No, they weren’t lacking a specific location with a good idea of what to get from it.  Alas, what was missing was a grappling gun. Roused by this new devotion gnomish engineering the party took upon themselves a holy quest.  One that would lead them to the promised land of grappling guns.

Cut short by certain people’s desire to get the plot moving and not dwell on how awesome grappling guns are, the party eventually decides to make their way through Lorholt to where Shark Fin soup told them to go.  Knowing that they’d probably be in danger, the party tried to take an inconspicuous path to where the Falanuran district was.  Despite being the stealthiest people to ever exist, they were slightly noticed.  On their way through one of the poorer districts they basically rampaged through multiple homes and camps as locals looked on in fear at these crazy people gallivanting on roof tops. When they got to the central river where they saw that they were about to enter enemy territory they stopped to reevaluate their plan.  Now faced by the fact that they actually had to act out their “plan” they party paused to reconsider everything. They realized that Shark week may have given them an impossible task to do, which lead to endless discussion about whether or not to abandon their current mission.

Out of sheer boredom, Corrin, decided to talk to one of the homeless people and stumbled into the plot.  Earning the trust of the common folk turned out to be a key turning point in the groups endeavor and turned them onto a possible lead.  Lead to a kid called Miles, the young boy told them about an excavation project that the Falanuran were working on and where they could find it. 

Excitedly, the party ferried their way across to poop river via the S.S. Ann(ie).  Curious as to why the entire town seemed abandoned, the party “snuck” into what appeared to be an old shop to investigate the dig site.  They soon found a trap door that lead down to some strange underground place and additionally discovered that they had been noticed and people were currently stalking them.  Right away, most of the party jumped down through the trap while Mr. “I’m a charisma Rogue” tried convince they people tracking the party not to kill them.

Inevitably that failed and the party found themselves in an old underground basement that looked like it hadn’t been lived in for years (with the exception of one torch sconce).  Confused as to what to do next the party went all Scooby doo and split up to search for clues (if you call opening up a stuffed dwarf to find “booty” searching for clues) , which turned out to actually be useful.  After searching through the entirety of the sub terrain hidey hole, the party found a strange and familiar symbol on one of the walls and pressed it revealing a hidden room.  Very “carefully” the entire party shoved themselves into the tiny secret room and started investigating in a totally thorough and not spastic in any way manner.  Examining the room yielded a whole bunch of strange alchemic papers, a lock box, and that which had been but a mere legend an hour before hand…

Na na na na “Corrin found a Grapling gun”.

Upon getting their holy artifact, lock box, and papers, they exited the underground area and were met with an arrow directly in Corrin’s face held by a very upset elf.  Even though the party was surrounded and all hope was lost, they still knew what they had to do (first letter of every sentence).



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