Adventures in Iyith

"We're pirates..."

Episode 8

After successfully “convincing” Sardrith to take them to the Marked who are currently in possession of Priestess Bowyn, the party concocts a full proof plan that will get them in and out of Lorholt, no problem, guaranteed, 60% of the time every time.  By simply adopting the guise of a well-known pirate crew their plan was as follows:


Phase one: Infiltrate Lorholt by acting like pirates and find Bowyn.


Phase two: ????


Phase three: Profit$$$ (<wbr />watch?v=HMuYfScGpbE)


The party said their good byes to general Meda and marched toward Lorholt with Sardrith in tow.  Attempting to hide her (see I finally got it right!) true power, Annie feigned having to go to a clan meeting, changed into a monkey, and then rejoined to group as said monkey without anyone in the group batting an eye.  The DM didn’t have her roll for deception to fool Sardith, so I think the role playing was so on point that it was basically just a gimmie that Sardith fully believed that a topical monkey was living in a temperate zone and just so happened to join the group 10 minutes after they lost a party member.  Things were looking up for the party.  The newly created pirate crew consisting of: Envy, Sloth, “Kid” Jack Dangerous, Jack the monkey, and Master Blaster made their way to the gates of Lorholt to see men in Crimson capes fighting a group of gnolls.


The party immediately noped the fuck out of there and was led by Sardrith into the sewers to the Marked, much to the dismay of Xylund/Sloth.  The sewer was also infested with the Gnoll clan of Dreckcast murderlizing people.  It was at this time they realized that magic did not work in the city of Lorholt.  (editor’s note: maybe next time we should focus on killing the Drekcast Clan, maybe that’ll get rid of the Gnoll zone in Lorholt and we’ll be able to use magic.)  Sardrith eventually led the party to her people, The Marked. Unfortunately the party didn’t get to use their incredibly well thought out and intricate plan on the Marked because it turned out that the marked was like 5 people and 3 of those 5 people already knew who the party was.  You think that Sardrith would have mentioned something like: “Oh yeah, by the way, you know those two people who locked me up in a cage like a week ago that you all saved me from?  Yeah we’re friends now and they’re part of the Marked.  So even though you have a very cool, very sexy plan it might not work on us because we already know who you are.  Oh also I forgot… We’re only 5 people…Ok got back to planning.”  However not having this information, the party had a slightly award meeting with the Marked who turned out to be more than happy to hand over Bowyn to the party because she was not worth the trouble.  Turns out that the Gnolls have a bounty on her head and it would be near impossible to get Bowyn out of the city in one piece, even if they were pirates (hehe).


So in an attempt to get Bowyn out of town and more importantly salvage their totally awesome and in no way hastily concocted plan, the party decided to parley with the tide.  So the first place they decided to go was where they believe they’ll have the best chance to run into someone associated with the Tide.  They headed to the market where flags bearing the tide’s emblem hung in the streets… wait… I’m getting a new update now… it turns out the party did not go to market but instead went to a whore house… Cool.  While at the house of lady favors, the party cleaned off the sewage that they had to crawl through to get into Lorholt and got a little “somethin’ somethin’” for Davynn/”kid” Jack Dangerous.  Annie/The Baroness/The Green Barroness/the former monkey formerly known as “Jack the Monkey” for some reason made a big deal about not wanted to share a bath with Kern/Envy, Xylund/Sloth, Corring/Master Blaster and was forced to use the cold baths that the ladies of the house used.


Upon refreshing themselves, a devilishly handsome man descended down on a cloud from plot device heaven and delivered unto the party a way to meet the Tide.  After his cunning and near God-like insight into seeing that Corrin/Master Blaster’s real name wasn’t MasterBlaster, Davynn/”kid” Jack Dangerous still riding the high on whatever happened upstairs managed to convince this lovable rogue that they were in fact pirates and that they should meet with his boss.  With their plan going perfectly, the man with a chiseled jawline so sharp it could cut iron took the part to the head of the Tide Sharkman Mcgee (once again I don’t have my notes I’m just going off memory). 


The party negotiates with Sharky McSharkface to try and get safe passage out of town for goods they’re going to “ship” for him and their “cargo”.  It turned out that Sharkinson Tunabreath wanted something in the city and the party of totally believable pirates needed to prove themselves to him by capturing it.  It’s all very vague, but Pope Shark Paul II did tell them that they were looking for lock boxes and to bring with them as many as they could, he even offered the rugged charlatan and number one ladies man: Ulric as help for the mission.  However, still motivated by whatever happen upstairs at “the house of the rising sun” Davynn/”kid” Jack Dangerous felt a little ballsy and took a small jab at the sexuality of the Oscar nominated film Shark Tale starring Will Smith and Jack Black.  Even though Mr. Sharknado seemed to take offense to it, but all he did was get angry and point a hollow tube at them and then send them on their way.  With that, the party set off to form another full proof plan to rob some place they don’t know, to get a mysterious object that they have no clue as to what it may be, so that they can give it the head of the Tide: The artist formerly known as Shark.  What could go wrong?  Cue heist music (<wbr />watch?v=XAYhNHhxN0A)



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